Friday, April 4, 2014

Why You Should Chase Your Dreams Instead Of Chasing Money

 Most of us have been at a point where we were torn between "playing it safe" and going for our dream career.  Most of us end up taking the safe route and it's a huge mistake.  We think that we all have to get into some huge university and major in something in order to get a successful job.  Or that our dream job involves too much luck in order to succeed.  However, when you play it safe, you find that you aren't fully satisfied no matter how much money you make.

  Following your dreams is really hard!  Especially if you want to be in some kind of creative career whether it be web design, painting, blogging, graphic design, etc.  We often end up shooting ourselves down from these careers because there is no guaranteed straight-forward way to get there.
  Something a lot of people don't understand is that getting a degree doesn't guarantee a job.  Your degree is just something that you can add to your portfolio of accomplishments.  Now I'm not telling you that college is a waste of time, but it's not a guaranteed ticket to success!
  Most careers worth having all have one thing in common.  You have to put your heart and soul into it to be successful.  If you want to be a doctor or a lawyer, you have to work your ass off in school and try to be top of your class and work hard to build connections within the field so that somebody will hire you.  If you want to be a musician,  you're working your guts out perfecting your instrument, creating and producing music, sending it to recording studios, booking gigs, etc.  Life isn't a free ride! No matter what your field, you have to dedicate everything you have to it.
  So take "dream job" out of the question and start thinking of "realistic job"! Because dreams are just wishing it'll happen some day. Decide what you're passionate about.  What do you want to do every day for long hours? What do you love?  Once you find that out, go out there and make it happen!  Don't expect life to give it to you.  Don't waste any time! Do your research, establish connections, build a following, and most of all never give up.  For some careers, it can take years for it to launch, but if you give it all of your effort you will succeed eventually!
  You have to be so passionate about this job, that you're willing to work long hours with no pay (sometimes paying money) in order to achieve it.  For a while, you may be living in a small apartment with some normal job and then staying up countless hours working on getting your dream job.  If you're truly dedicated though, it'll all be worth it.  If you chase your dreams you will be happier and most likely make more money in the long run!  So stop wasting your time.  Find your passion and work your ass off and get it!

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